Tap Tap Run Mod APK 1.12.0 (Menu, Money, Diamonds, Experience, Upgrades)

Tap Tap Run Mod APK 1.12.0 (Menu, Money, Diamonds, Experience, Upgrades)

By DUONG - Latest update: 28/02/2023
Name Tap Tap Run
Version 1.12.0
MOD Features Menu, Money, Diamonds, Experience, Upgrades
Size 50MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Simulation
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Newry
Update 28/02/2023 (3 weeks ago )

Tap Tap Run Mod is a track and field sport simulation game, belonging to the Endless Runner genre. With running tracks of infinite length. Your character will be challenged with all things that can move in the universe. Race against other players, or race against motorbikes, cars, planes. As your character is upgraded more, you can challenge comets, meteors. Have you seen the fun that this game creates? Also known as the idle racing game because the control is very simple. Simply touch the screen to move the character. Continuously tapping our hands on the screen to speed up only.

Download Tap Tap Run Mod – Challenge the speed with all things in the universe

Although it was just released in early 2022 by publisher Newry. Game Tap Tap Run has quickly been sought after by millions of gamers. Because of the simple gameplay and quite attractive challenge that this game creates. At a glance, it may seem that simple, but it is not. Our opponents are many, the later they have terrible speed. You will have to upgrade the character quite a lot to be able to win. I have watched youtubers review Tap Tap Run hack full gold coins and gem diamonds. But they also have to upgrade hand fatigue for their characters. And sometimes it’s not enough to be able to win against super cars, or meteorites in space.

Download Tap Tap Run Mod

Diversify your opponents

Tap Tap Run Mod creates a lot of challenges for players. Surely you will have to explore it for a long time. Only can know all the fun that the game brings. I cannot sum up how many competitors there are for you. Because in order to know what the next opponent is, we must win the present challenge. Not only that, the game is also divided into 5 groups of opponents for us to choose from.

The first is “Humanity”: this is a group of opponents who are also human like us. For example, a courier, a cyclist, or a thief… Secondly, there are some animals with high speed such as tigers, jaguars. The third is the group “Transportation”. Including 1000cc motorbikes, sports cars, or KTX electric trains… The fourth is to challenge the “superheroes”, such as Green Mask, Ssounic, Nio, The Flash, SuperMan… Finally, the “Vu” group. Pillars” such as comets, meteorites …

Tải Tap Tap Run Mod

3 challenge modes

Hack Tap Tap Run has 3 main game modes for you to conquer challenges. The first is the “Challenge” mode with a challenge of a certain distance. There are lengths from 50 meters, 100 meters, 500 meters, to distances of thousands of kilometers. Requires us to run to the finish line before the allotted time. This mode is also quite good for us to try. But it will be more attractive when coming to the second mode – “Competition”. Here, we will no longer be a race against time. It’s racing against an opponent of my choice to challenge them. As introduced above, that opponent can be a postman, a Superman, or a meteorite.

Finally, the underwater racing mode. It is almost the same as the first challenge mode but different in the water environment. And you need to wait 60 seconds to continue to another challenge underwater. This mode is not as attractive as the original 2 modes, but you should still try to explore it once.

Game Tap Tap Run Mod

Character detail upgrade

With the number of opponents is a lot, and they have terrible speed. So the game Tap Tap Run Mod will require you to upgrade the character more often. To improve physical strength, speed, and acceleration. In addition to upgrading directly to these stats. You can also indirectly enhance those elements through equipment. As hair types will help you get more gold and experience points. Costumes help increase endurance stats, physical recovery. Types of shoes will help you get better speed and velocity stats. Also do not forget to add other accessories such as glasses, or energy drinks. They are quite useful in races

Hack Tap Tap Run Mod

Join the game to become the speed king with only your feet. By developing your character easily. In particular, coromod shared Tap Tap Run Mod Unlimited money, gem version. Makes it a lot easier for you to upgrade your power. 2D graphics technology combined with the gameplay is not too complicated, so it still provides a great experience. Do not ignore this game to participate in endless races. Let’s work together for the goal of being the number 1 athlete in the galaxy

Download Tap Tap Run Hack (Menu, Money, Diamonds, Experience, Upgrades) for Android

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